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SHAHRAM ETEMADI RAD named JIYAR was born on May 14, 1976 in IRAN. He is an actor, World POP Baritone Singer and song writer. JIYAR began his career starring in the 1989 film “Ball” directed by YADOLLAH NOASRI. it was then that he realized he had acting talentJIYAR embarked and realized his interest in music when he was 14 years old and began to learn and play piano and after that he got some academic courses to learn it in a professional way. JIYAR dreamt of producing background music for films and theatres. shortly after completing his academic studies, JIYAR began to make background music for short films and theaters. Due to the situation of his country's music market, he started working as a Software Developer. After years of experience of working as a software developer JIYAR went back to music because of his passion for music. His first official song "Chargin d'automn" (English: Autumn Grief) was released in Feb-2022, a combination of French and Persian music culture. Fortunately he is here today with all his ability and looking forward to advance and progress in music industry.

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JIYAR - pop singer

Chagrin d'automne - Autumn Grief

Feb 2022


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