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Global Music

What is Global Music?

Global Music

The globalizing society and our digitalizing individuals brought integration with them. Now, with technology, it takes only seconds for us to reach every change in every part of the world. This raises specific questions like ‘what is global music’.
One of the most important factors in the spread of this situation was global music from the very beginning. While music has the power to easily unite people with very different ideas within a single country, it was not difficult to achieve this globally.
The universal power of music spread from ear to ear, from color to color like a riot. Some of the biggest parts of this development and growth are travel, concerts and festivals.

The Power of Global Music is Unlimited

Global Music

Bospop Festival, Dauw pop & rock Festival etc. Events that are representative of many global pop cultures, such as People of different cultures, races, religions, colors or consciousness took part in these festivals with the unifying power of music. As audiences or singers, they contributed greatly to the globalization of pop music.

If I talk about myself as Jiyar, I can say that I put globalization. And global pop music listening culture at the center of my music composing process.
The center of the world pop industry is now seen as America. However, thanks to globalized pop music, a new work done there can be listened to, understood and applied in any part of the world in a very short time.

Global Music

For this reason, as Jiyar, I try to adapt these changes and trends in the steps of globalizing my own music. Now, other geographies can be easily influenced by the pop music performed in the world.
In fact, this situation caused us to be affected culturally as well. As we can understand from this process, “Pop music”, one of the most listened music genres of today. Became “Global Pop” and brought the peoples of the world closer together. With Pop music, we can understand each other much better now.

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