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World Pop Music

The emergence of world pop music dates back to the present day. Thanks to the industrialization that came with the industrial revolution. Pop music occurred with the spread of the definition of “popular music”.

This recognition was also helped by the word “pop”. It means “to explode out of nowhere” in the same process. Pop music has become a genre of music that is easy to memorize. Catchy catches us with the rhythms we know and has been following millions of people for years.

With the race to mass production, factories produced more records. Record companies formed, and music became much more accessible. As music became an industry, it achieved high sales. It gave birth to new stars from its internal dynamics.

Some Examples of World Pop Music Musicians

Beatles and Elvis Presley emerged in the 1960s. It affected the spread of music to large masses—the development of the world pop music industry. And it’s becoming mainstream.

Pop music spread to many different regions and genres by adhering to the sounds of pop music. Such as funk, soul, disco, and reggae, which changed and developed.

World Pop Music
World Pop Music

As Jiyar, I often feel lost in the universality of music. Popular and contemporary music is a growing mountain for me. Blending, evolving, and growing.

As world pop musics expands, our tastes and perspectives on the world also change. Since I called myself Jiyar in pop music, I am delighted to survive swimming in this harmony.

I would also like to participate in events such as the Sziget festival. It includes different voices and the Isle of Wight. There are great reflections of pop culture in the coming days.

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